The biggest luxury and benefit from hiring a professional makeup artist is the peace of mind that I can give you! This is your special day, so sit back and let the me pamper you while someone else takes care of the flowers. I will work with you to create a timeline that fits your day, create a fun and relaxing environment, and leave you glammed up and feeling great! With all of the emotions you’re going to be feeling that day, why worry about whether or not your eyeliner is too thick on one side? Leave it to the pro!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is bridal makeup different from everyday makeup?

Absolutely! Bridal makeup must be timeless, waterproof and photo appropriate. Bridal makeup must be waterproof to prevent it from being ruined from crying, sweating and possible weather conditions such as raining. Using the right products will put your mind at ease to be the best you without worrying about your makeup.

What does photo appropriate makeup mean?

It may surprise a lot of brides to know that the makeup you see in the mirror is not the makeup you see on camera. This is especially important when dealing with flash photography. Have you ever seen someone with beautiful makeup and then seen a picture of them with that same makeup and they look pale as a ghost? More than likely, if the foundation was the right color, there was an ingredient in the makeup that reflected the flash that made the person look pale.

I don't wear a lot of makeup, do I still need to have wedding makeup done?
You know all those images in magazines of beautiful fresh faces that look free of makeup with a freshly washed face? I am here to tell you they all have makeup on.
This is where a good makeup artist really is important. A good makeup artist will know how to give you beautiful makeup, without looking like you have too much on. I will say that if you are used to wearing close to no makeup, even a little bit of makeup may seem like a lot. Here is a tip, take a picture of the makeup. I can’t tell you how many times I have worked with Brides and at first they felt their makeup was a little too much, I took their picture and then they were totally at ease when they saw it in a photo and they still looked beautiful and natural.
What is a makeup consultation and do I need to have one before my wedding day?
A makeup consultation is a time where you try out different makeup looks until you find the perfect one for your day. I absolutely recommend having a trial beforehand because it makes certain that you are going to be 100% satisfied the day of. Remember, your wedding day is when you should feel your most confident and most beautiful, the last thing you want to be doing is figuring out how you want to look right before you get married.
Also, you may have an idea of how you would like your makeup to look, but after you see it, decide it’s not what you wanted. A consulation will help you make that decision.
What should I do to have a successful makeup consultation?
  • Have pictures of makeup looks that you think are beautiful. This will really help the artist get an idea of what you are looking for.
  • Wear a white top even if you aren’t wearing white the day of your wedding. White will help you see your makeup in it’s truest form without having other colors reflecting off your clothing helping you to make a more sound decision.
  • Take a picture of your makeup. Remember, makeup reads different on camera. Taking a picture will allow you to see a true read of how the makeup will look. A camera phone is great for this. Taking the picture outside in the natural light is even better.
  • Communicate to your artist any sensitivities or skin concerns you may have such as dry or oily skin, do you wear contacts, oily eyelids, etc.
What makes me stand out from other makeup artist?
First and most of all I’m going to listen to you about  what you want or don’t want your makeup to look like. If you are uncertain about your look I’m happy to make suggestions. But  be patient and open as you are deciding on your look for your special day.  I have full knowledge of the best products to use so that your makeup will be just as beautiful in person and on camera and be able to last you all day.
I’m an investment that will last you years to come as you look back at images from your day. You deserve to feel like nothing less than a queen on your day. Your makeup should enhance you and your beauty making you feel like the best you that you can possibly be. I’m wishing you years of love and happiness in advance! 


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